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About Us

RI Telecom
The Par Excellence Service Provider of High-Speed Internet 

(RI telecom) has launched its tasks in Erbil city since 2009 to provide best Internet services; where it has built and boosted a range of networks and promote skills in the field of Internet services. RI telecom has offered pioneer services, especially for big companies and businessmen, as one of the flagship names in Kurdistan Region.

(RI telecom) applies high quality methodology, taking the international standards and specifications into consideration, for best services for the subscribers.

(RI telecom) is proud of its partners, as we all do our best for shouldering liabilities to secure the best type of services. We are working around the clock, seven days a week and offer the best, in order to meet the targets and fulfill the requirements of our customers.  

(RI telecom) is proud of its partners as one of best high-quality Internet service provider in the region. RI Telecom is privileged of its well-trained teams and qualified expats, whom play distinguished role for best services to its subscribers.  RI telecom still offers the best efforts to get them to the highest levels of modern technologies and sophisticated methodologies.  The company is aware about the demands and the local market competition, then it tries hard to promote the service styles to meet the highest level of international standards.   We are always striving to improve the quality of training and development in the company to keep pace latest technology to deliver what is best for our partners, so our service is the fastest, most comprehensive and trust-worthiest, hereby it is the par excellence in the region.  

(RI telecom) still plays a vital role as one of the best internet service provider in Erbil city and other provinces of Kurdistan, so we would be very glad to bridge relationships with you, meet your needs and find appropriate solutions whenever needed, RI Telecom is pleased to invite you to visit the company's main office in Erbil.

RI Telecom is one of the first wireless internet connection service providers in Kurdistan- Iraq region. Our service can be accessed flawlessly from any location without the need of a fixed telephone line.

Key Facts 

  • The fastest growing ISP in Erbil
  • More than 4 successful years of experience providing wireless Internet solutions
  • More than 50 employees speaking 6 deferent languages
  • Headquartered in Erbil with planes to have branches in Sulaymaniyah and Dahouk
  • The first and only 24 hours service and 7 days a week in Kurdistan 

Mission and Strategy 

We endeavor to treat our dear customers as true business partners, by serving them wholeheartedly towards establishing loyalty, honesty and deep appreciation for our services. We pride ourselves with RI Telecom family of professional employees who are always ready and willing to go that extra mile towards achieving excellence. 


Our Vision

With RI Telecom, internet connectivity has an altogether new meaning;   thanks to our modern, up to date technology coupled with the high expertise of our highly professional employees,  a combination that gives us a clear edge over our competitors on regional level. We aspire to be Iraq’s largest and most trusted internet service provider, and we have what it takes to achieve this in the long run.